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vMeet is a conversational skills assessment and coaching product that helps increase revenue & improve cSAT. Customer conversations are critical and fall into two categories

a) Sales – when you converse with your customers to sell them your products/services

b) Servicing – when you are servicing your customer’s complaints or addressing queries, concerns, or issues.

These conversations take place over chat, phone, or mail. We have solutions for each of these channels.

Conversation Style Finder

What is your communication style? Are you or your team Passive, Aggressive, Passive Aggressive or Assertive? kWurd will give you an accurate assessment in seconds.

Holistic Accurate Feedback

We use machine learning and NLP to pioneer an instant effective coaching solution. It assesses your conversations on Communication Style, Empathy, Text Sentiment & Emotion and Word Power including pet, filler words & sentence length. For calls it will also measure the rate of speech, modulation, and volume.

Blazing Fast

vMeet generates conversation assessment within 30 seconds. We are a cloud-based service and have the latest infrastructure to support a speedy & secure delivery.

Personal & Enterprise Analytics

Get insights into individual and team development areas and trends on customer conversations. Understand how it impacts your business outcomes from revenue leakage to cSAT.

Expert Coaching Lessons

Low scores on your Conversations? We have our experts Jenny & Shammi to guide you through a fun filled on-line learning experience.

Instant Transcript

uSpeek generates a highly accurate transcript of your spoken words in the video. This can be used as a speech to text converter.


Analyzes every communication with the customer


Admin can review conversations flow via dashbaord


Improve your future communication with feedback

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